Swarmr may collect information from visitors and users to it's network of sites, to target advertisements to the user. Swarmr uses this information to help improve its web site and services, and to customize the content of its pages for each individual consumer.

Swarmr does not sell or commercially make available specific information about its users or members other than in aggregate form, or for the targeting of advertising on its member pages, except for compliance with a court of jurisdiction of where the data centre is located or as required by legislation in the jurisdiction to which Swarmr operates or in support of law enforcement, where the underlying conduct also relates to acts that violate the terms of Swarmr.

Contextual advertisements may be shown based on the publicly available content of a member page, but will not be shown based on the content of private messages.


Example where Swarmr does not share information with law enforcement:

"Please give us IP addresses or members who have viewed or followed x political activist or x political issue or been critical of x political figure"

Example where Swarmr does share information with law enforcement:

"User x is sharing has displayed images of illegal child pornography"

Swarmr maintains a database of member information which is used only for internal purposes such as advertising, collections efforts, technical support and notifying members of changes or enhancements to the Swarmr service, new services and products that may be of interest to them, and special discounts available to Swarmr members. Users who use this service consent to being contacted by Swarmr, and to receive notifications via email or otherwise relating to services offered by Swarmr or activity notices relating to the user's use of Swarmr and/or notices regarding other users interactions with their account eg. upon another member messaging the user.